We have a group of special ladies that are running a clothing factory on our campus. The name of their group is Thabita.

Their dream is to make clothing for children on the mission field, and they have distributed clothing to some of the most remote places on our continent. They also do regular outreaches to local farm schools in the Newcastle area.

Anyone is welcome to join them every Friday to help them make children’s clothing for the mission field. Contact our Global Missions secretary Andria Els, for more information.

Thabita News

Thabita Hospital Visit

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Op 22 Mei 2015 het die Tabitha dames ‘n uitreik na die Newcastle Provinsiale Hospitaal gehad om mammas en babas te besoek. Hul het 48 babas voorsien van kleertjies, kombersies, truitjies en booties. Vir die mammas het hul gesigvadoekies, seep …