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Dear friends,

We thank the Lord for our cooperation and our teamwork! The Lord moves His hand
and touches new areas through your prayers, financial support and short-term
outreaches to Elista!

2 weeks ago our dear friend Helleen left back to South Africa. She lived with us for 3 months and became a great blessing for us and our ministry. That time I was planning to start a sewing ministry for the purpose of support of the “Warm House” ministry and to prepare myself with the skills to start to sew with women – rehabilitants in future. Helleen helped me with advices and practically to start sewing the first toy- souvenirs and then aprons. She also supported our ministry knitting bears and encouraged me when I was near to give up.
Also English language teachers from different schools invited Helleen for meetings with the students. She even was called to the lyceum to
receive the exam from the students of an English class. Teachers by themselves
wanted to meet with us too. We had few wonderful meetings with them.
At one of the meetings with teachers the Lord gave me the opportunity to speak
about Christ and give some testimonies. We have seen their interest and how their
hearts were open to hear the Word of God. Thanks the Lord that He made me close with the teachers through Helleen, and I dream to start a club of Bible stories with them and organize an exhibition of paintings (copies) on biblical theme of famous artists of 18-20 centuries.
In December we also had a privilege to meet our dear friend from South Africa Salome. She visited us for 1 week and we had a wonderful time together!

We also continue to feed people on the streets and build the relationships with alcohol-dependent people in their houses. For some reason there are very few drank vagrants in the region where we feed. But we go to places where people gather together to drink alcohol. Most of them are former murderers, thieves, criminals who
were in jail. The Lord gave us their favor and we bring them food and preach and pray for them. Someone of them is crying from mental anguish and spiritual demonic visions during the nights, someone laughing at us, but someone listens to us and is interesting in a personal meeting. Within a week we meet with different people: co-dependent family members who are looking for a meeting with us, with sick people for who we are asked to pray, with just friends and people on the street. We see how the Lord is sowing the seeds of His Word in the hearts of people and we ask Him to take care of their growth.
We began to travel to the nearby villages with a prayer walk, believing that the Lord will open the doors for us and show what to do next.

The Lord gave me another “key” to share Gospel, it is doing massage. I continue to work sometimes in the beauty salon and at home. I was taught by teacher that talking on the religious theme is usually forbiden during the massage, but the Lord himself creates the conversation by a way that we start speaking about God or anything about spirituality and people listen to me with a great interest and ask questions. For example, a couple of days ago my client played music for her relaxation, and it was the Kalmyk mantra of “green tara” (a female demon). I immediately began to pray for protection. I asked if she understood the words of that song. She said yes, that green tara calles all white gods to come and bring peace and comfort. I said what about me, I asked for comfort and peace the Lord himself. She said she would pray to Him, but she does not know how to do it. After that I had a great opportunity to talk to her for an hour sharing the Gospel from the moment of Man’s fall to the crusifiction of Jesus. Sshe listened attentively, agreed asking different questions and then she asked for the Bible. I have many examples like this. I am very thankful to God that I have
such access to the people and He initiates the conversation!

We also hope that soon we will be able to rent an apartment for the “Warm House” ministry and take for the rehabilitation one more person or more. We pray for the next discipleship training of the new true followers of Christ.
Now we are very proud of Mergen who lives with us for 3 months. Since he came to us God completely healed him from the epileptic fits. He is deeply devoted to the Lord andis very changed. He became a witness of Christ on the streets and at work place where he works now as a defendant of crime. His co-workers-defendants who sweared a lot stopt swearing because of influence of Mergen. Even a police inspector who overlook them incourage others to believe in God for the purpos to be changed like Mergen, to stop drink alchogol, awear and smoke. Inga also tries to hold on to Christ. She had a fall, but she repented and is restoring. She is actively involved in the life of the Church and we believe in the victory of the Lord in her life!

Please pray with us for:
• Establishing a Rehabilitation Center in Kalmykia and the “Warm House” ministry; for new rehabilitators this year;
• Starting the group with new born again christians and unbelievers,
• Trips to new areas of Kalmykia for prayer walkes and seeking God’s will

  1. Bennie Rothmann

    So amazing! May God bless them abundantly with finance and supernatural power to proclaim the good news of the resurrection of Jesus

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