Madadeni Hospital Ministry March 2015 Feedback

Madadeni Hospital Ministry : Report for March 2015


It was a busy month! On 31st March 2015 we visited Ngongo High School where students manifested demonic attacks. We prayed for them and the students accepted Jesus, almost all who attended was saved! However our observation was that the educators were not worried about what was happening, only the parents were worried and started to seek spiritual assistance.

Progess at Madadeni Hospital:
Prayed for – 303
New Converts – 74
Critical Cases – 80
Healings – 199

Until yesterday we observed 5 young people admitted who attempted to commit suicide. One witch doctor was converted and she was healed and delivered – owing to her illness she was unable to walk, but now she is totally healed! One patient who was critical could not survive he, passed over within 24 hours after prayer.
Most patients were suffering from diabetes and they were confused but they regained their senses. There were those having headaches, stomach aches, chest pains etc. they were healed some of them were discharged within a day!

Attendance at Sunday Services:
2 March – 41
9 March – 28
16 March – 21
23 March – 30
30 March – 39

In conclusion, on 6 March 2015 we attended a workshop at Deo Victoria as well as a servants service. Pastor Dr. T.H Mncube gave us a resounding service, and we are partners with him. He has a cd and dvd available for his sermons and promised to make them available to us.

On 19-22 March 2015 there was a conference at Deo Victoria lead by Dr Ed Delph from the United States. We enjoyed his sermons and he gave a great deal of information to the church. I would not have benefited on this occasion if i was not in partnership with Deo Victoria, thank you very much for your support!

Pastor Vusie.

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