Madadeni Hospitaal Bediening – Mei 2015


This month has been a challenge in our life and ministry. We have been unable to attend to the hospital ministry and we have had poor Sunday services. On the 28th April 2015 my car was stolen. iI was recovered on the 30th April 2015 but I could only get it back on the 12th may it was not in a good condition to drive it. On the 20th May 2015 the car was taken to Watsons Garage and is not out yet.

Prayed for – 149
New converts – 42
Critical cases – 59
Healings – 146

I ministered eights days in Madadeni hospital during May 2015.  The lung failure patients were prayed for and the next day they were discharged. Of these patients one was very serious and we prayed for him and four days later he recovered and was discharged.

We prayed for people with hypertension and diabetes and those who were in pain reported the pain was gone and those who did not have any pain reported they were very weak but after we prayed they reported they felt well and were discharged.

One particular patient complained of sores in her mouth and down her throat she was complaining of severe pain down to her stomach. She could not take in any food or water. After prayer the pain stopped and she drank water. The sores were still there even the tongue was covered in sores but we believe she is healed.

Sunday services:
3 May 2015 – 23
10 May 2015 – 14
17 May 2015 – 19
24 May 2015 – 20
31 May 2015 – 15

In conclusion during this month one of our church members allowed me to use her car to go the hospital, God is great He made a way where there seemed to be no way to get to the hospital and continue this ministry. I thank Deo Victoria ministry for support, including taking the car for repairs and for your continued support in this ministry. I am indebted to the partnership with Deo Victoria. God bless you.

Pastor Vusi

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