Pray for Labourers

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Dearly Beloved of the Lord,

Prayer request,
“Harvest is plenty but the laborers are few hence pray to the master of harvest to send more laborers”

Yes, the word of God is right, while there is a big need for gospel to unreached places in India, there is big scarcity of laborers to go and work at the places where the gospel is not available.
As we approach the churches and the leaders to send workers to the mission schools and training centers there is cool and negative response. No one is coming forward for the ministry now days, materialistic mind set is the big obstacle, people are more lover of money and pleasures, churches and preachers are showing material blessings than Jesus, these ends in absolute dryness in getting laborers to go for him.

The time has come we need to take fresh students in our two missionary training centers. As I went on the knees fasting and praying to look for His intervention and help, surrendering to Him telling that I cannot do anything of myself, accepting failure of human power. The Holy Spirit started speaking to me: As I did at the time of Moses, sent my Spirit and brought the quails from the sea, I will bring the potential men and women into the training center.
These words gave hope; I don’t know from where but my God will do it.

Hence I request your side in joining hands with me for sending more laborers into the Kingdom. We have the facility to train 20 potential people, 10 single men at one base and 5 couples at another.
End of June we will inaugurate the two mission school so that at the time of annual conference they will be settle down in training.

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