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Hindu Priest has become a soul winner for Christ!
LS and his wife SD accepted Christ in Last December and taken baptism. They are from a small village in Bihar state, Bihar is the least reached province in India, presence of Christian population is less than 1%. He is the one who brought the idol and built a temple for the village people to worship and he does the everyday Pooja (prayers) for the villagers.
One day he was took ill and paralyzed, they took him to many priest, temples, after that to medical hospital in Patna city and came back no improvement but become worst and lost hope.
How LS came to know Christ.
As a last resort people brought him to the church where our Pastor accepted him into the church, first shared about Jesus Christ is the Savior, Healer and true God who came from heaven to earth, but for the sake of healing they said yes to everything and Pastor kept them in the church and showed him love and hospitality, Pastor  and the congregation prayed and LS gradually healed completely.

What is result of him accepting Christ?
Laachu now started attending church and not doing any service at the Hindu temple, the village people left without priest and approached Laachu and asked him, tell us who will do the pooja Prayers for us you left us and join the church? Laachu answered them that “I brought the idol and made you to worship, now allow me to remove the idol and all follow me and accept Christ”.
Seeing Laachu conversation many started coming to the church, please pray that everyone give their heart to Christ.
In my last visit to Bihar in March I saw him in the church siting in the front row and playing instrument and worshipping so committedly I took my mobile phone and clicked a photo with great Joy.

I enquired Pastor about LS, he said that he is going into every home and sharing to the villagers how he tasted Christ and inviting everyone come to church and be blessed. Praise God. The greatest Miracle is one person coming to Christ.

Christening of a baby in Bihar
One of the Hindu lady started coming to church regularly and listening to the preaching of Gospel she was so excited about her new life in Christ, she don’t know what to do, she want to do something she brought her new born baby and asked us to give a new bible name, we named the girlbaby as Esther Joyce.

Couple accepted Christ.
This couple were Hindu people and reached by our out -reach team,
When our team evangelizing a village called Mansi, this couple accepted our team into their home and listened to the gospel of Christ, they invited the team come again and share more whenever come to our village. They were very pious Hindu people and they showed same pious towards the gospel, one day when our team went to this same village for an another outreach the PD came running after our team and asked them to come to our home, as they went to their home, PD said that “Jesus appeared in our dream and said that I loves you and gave my life for you”. After this thing they both gave their heart to Jesus and took water baptism and started coming to the church, as I went to oversee the work in Bihar this couple held a meeting in their home and invited their friends and family members and shared the new found joy with every one and opened a nice dinner for us with a grateful heart.
“But know that the Lord hath set apart him that is godly for himself”: Psalm 4:3

Note: Our Bihar Missionaries weekly 3 days (Monday, Wednesday and Friday) go out as team to reach villages who never heard Christ. Please pray for them.

Soul winning at Bengaluru city.
Pastor and his wife are doing ministry at Janatha Mane and Madura, Orthur, Dhubrahalli in Bengaluru city, conduct Sunday morning and evening services at the home it self
In April 4 people accepted Christ & taken baptism

Here’s a few testimonies from local people:

Daniel & Jaqueline
We belonged to Roman catholic church, we were worshiping mother Mary idol almost every day and praying to her, but we do not know anything from the Bible, but in my life (Daniel) I am a big gangster even 10 people come against me I can manage them,, but I do not know joy in my life, I started to drink and do gambling even my family started hating me, me and my wife took lot of money as loan to live our life it went up to 5 lakh rupees, because of debt we were greatly troubled and distressed, this was the time my wife Jaqueline started to go to the nearby home where they conduct worship service, my wife will come and share the message that she heard, that did brought some hope into our life I started going with my wife,
On that day the Pastor preached from Genesis 28:15, one word struck me that is “ I will not leave thee” we both gave our hearts to Jesus and new life and hope, Jesus opened the door to go and work in Dubai, all our sorrows are coming to an end.
We took water baptism in April 2015.

Teena, Age 16 student.
I am from a Roman Catholic Christian back ground, I do not know Christ and don’t have experience of salvation, I have not heard anything from the Bible, after joining Elshadai worship center run by Pastor Israel I came to know Christ and felt the need of salvation, now I realized that devil tried to misled me into his ways and my Jesus helped me to walk in the way of light.
Now I have peace in my heart and would like to be His witness, I am praying for my father and mother and for my friends to be saved.

Sridevi. Age 24
I am Sridevi born and brought up in Hindu family, I am married and a boy baby of 1 year, my husband deserted me and went to live with another lady,I went through severe pain and trouble in my heart and have no hope for living, in this time Pastor Israel came and told me about Jesus and His love and read a scripture from John 10 : 10 about how devil steal our life and how Jesus gives life. These words gave me hope and comfort, I started praying and listening to the word of God. God changed my life and gave me assurance of Salvation, when my people heard about my salvation, the beaten me with shoes and broom sticks but I am firm and tasted the love of God, He gave me reason for living in April 2015 I accepted Christ and taken baptism, Pastor gave me a new name as Beulah which means new life & prosperity.
Praise Jesus.

Prayer request.
“Harvest is plenty but the laborers are few”
Please pray for more workers. Planning to take new intake of students at the end of this month for Theni (kerala) and for Chennai Mission School.

Servant in Christ
Paul Silvanus

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