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Ons is opgewonde oor die opkomende Kalmykia Uitreik in April 2017. Indien U belangstel om die uitreik mee te maak kontak asseblief die Deo Missions kantoor dringend. Daar is slegs n beperkte aantal plekke vir die uitreik. Marinda en Erika sal ook deel wees van die uitreik.

What’s happening in Kalmykia! Although the focus is on church planting Sveta and Yuri are busy with more. They go out in the streets of Elista at least twice a week to different places where addicted homeless people gather together. They are given food and are also spoken to about the Gospel and prayed for. They then try and build relationships with these people to get them off the streets and if needed to go to a rehab center in another city outside of Kalmykia. Mostly all are addicted. The Salvation Army head office agreed to assist (this year) the Warm House Ministry and the rehab center with food. They will also assist with food to feed people outside on the streets, and to feed poor families. They just need reports on how the food was distributed. To God all the Glory!

Sveta gives teachings and studies “Live school” material twice a week. She also started a seminar of creative ministry. She also leads flag and ribbon dancing and prophetic mimes and drama. People there are hungry for this kind of creative ministry, they study a new creative subject each week. Sveta plans to offer inter church English classes too. They are planning to introduce the Kairos course to the Salvation Army church. They ask for you our partners to continue praying for them whilst sending all their love from KALMYKIA!

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