Gateway to Kalmykia

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543726_originalKalmykia is a State in the Russian Federation, located in Southern Russia. Only 0.01% of all people in Kalmykia are Christians, which means the people of Kalmykia is still unreached with the Good News. Kalmykians are an indigenous people group, that migrated in the 17th century to Russia from Mongolia. They have their own language and culture, and their primary religion is Buddhism and shamanism.

We understand that the Great Commission was a Global order given by God to the Church, and we are excited about this opportunity to go to the nations with the Gospel.

We have an office in Elista, which is the capital of Kalmykia, and Svetlana and Yuri are our full time Russian missionaries in Kalmykia.

You can help us by praying, giving or even going with us on an outreach to Kalmykia

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