DeoCircle Facilitator

Deo Victoria’s vision is 100 Konnekt Groups in Newcastle. Yes, that’s right! The church functions at its best when we ‘are the church’, and an effective church is one that moves amongst the people of its city. The power of an effective Konnekt Group is HUGE!

It’s really easy to be a Konnekt Group facilitator. We use the term ‘facilitator’ because that’s what we’d be expecting from you – to facilitate. We’re constantly working on our Konnekt Group model to make it easier for groups to get started. We train our facilitators and provide them with packages and DVD lessons to develop their groups. The group leader facilitates the gathering, and in so doing, grows with the group

Please consider the facilitator training and help us to reach our dream of 100 Konnekt Groups in our city!

Please contact the office for more information.

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