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Dear friends of Hands on Africa

God is good all the time and His provision continues to blow us away. He is always ahead of preparing the way for His work and it remains an incredible blessing and privilege to work alongside our Master in His vineyard. Thank you for enabling us to can continue to fulfill our calling.

We are busy building the High School in Sierra Leone, we also recently bought 200 hectares of farm land in Zambia to start a maize project and the renovations to the building in Middelburg South Africa is finally ready to start. God is good.

Trust you will enjoy sharing in what God did in our last outreach to Kenya and Newcastle, South Africa. We prayed with we have received many testimonies of changed lives. We had a lot of fun with the orphans and the other ministries went well.

All glory and praise be to God.

On behalf of the Hands on Africa team, thank you and may God continue to bless and provide in all your needs.

Full newsletter here: newsletter 39 Kenya and SA – March 2016

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