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Dear Friends of Hands on Africa

It was incredible to finally be able to go back to Sierra Leone after the area was declared Ebola free on December 29th, 2015. All our children is looking good and healthy and arriving was surely like a homecoming. We could barely make it our of the vehicle as they swarmed around us. We are so grateful to our Lord for protecting them through this difficult time. The son of one of our widows was a victim of Ebola but for the safety of the children she could not attend her son’s funeral.

We opened a high school in January and still face a number of challenges towards securing land to build classrooms but we have teachers, desks, school uniform and the children are learning. We are grateful for this as we just could not foresee sending our children away to a foreign place where they would have to live in homes of strangers.

Please pray with us as we need God’s provision to also build a wall around the orphanage facility as it is now a requirement from government for us to ensure the safety and privacy of our children. It is a large property and it is going to cost a lot of money to comply with the expectation.

May you be blessed as you share in the joy of our experiences with the orphans in Zambia and Sierra Leone. Thank you for helping us making it special for them.

Many blessings in our Lord, Jesus Christ.

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