Hands on Africa

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Pastor Andre Delport shared with us: “It is with joy in the Lord that we can share with you the great things God is doing through our combined efforts in obedience to His will and invitation for us to join Him in His work in Africa. We celebrated the official opening of the City of refuge for Women in South Africa on October 29th, with much joy and amaze-ment at what God has accomplished for His glory. In the USA we just celebrated thanksgiving.  It is with great thankfulness that we stand in awe before our Lord acknowledging His incredible provision and mercy on our mission. Thank you Jesus!

Please pray with Pastor Andre and his Hands On Africa team as they leave for Sierra Leone. They also need your special prayers for the launching of their soya bean farm project in Zambia with 30 families planting on 30 hectares of land. If this goes well they trust the Lord to do much more next year. Please pray for sufficient rain and God’s blessing on the soil and seeds bringing forth a great harvest.


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