Crossministries International : Newsletter Feb – Apr 2015

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Dear friends,

We want to thank you all again for your support, your friendship, your care and your prayers!! You are really playing such an important role in our lives and ministry – it is truly also your ministry and you are impacting many lives!! Thank you for carrying us in your hearts! Your partnership is very special and we treasure who you are!!

We have the amazing privilege to see God at work in revealing His love to the many Russian speaking Jews coming into the Land. This is really the Lord at work, fulfilling his plans to bring His people back from all the nations of the earth, setting the stage for the return of the Messiah! This final ingathering of the Jews is bringing honor to the Name of God of Israel, revealing to the watching world His faithfulness as the one who keeps His promises for all time. How amazing that we can play an active role in being a part of the final return of the Jewish people to their homeland…

Read more the full newsletter here: Crossmin Newsletter Feb-April 2015

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