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From our hearts…
Jesus said the fields are already unto harvest, to obey Him and accomplish His work. John4:34-38

Our ministry:
Keep leading every Friday’s groups and pray. We went to my hometown to share the stories, watch the video, cut hair and deliver skin care products. We also went to Myanmar’s refugee camp, and sent out 124 mattresses, rice, tomatoes, salt and stationeries.
Every Monday night, we learn to play the electronic keyboard, and every Thursday night we learn vocal music.

Prayer requests:
Pray for Myanmar’s refugee camp, especially for the orphans. Though they have lost their family, God is with them, loving them and protecting them. Let these children meet God, know God, and have God’s peace. May God satisfy their need. Also pray for the refugee camp’s teachers and the person in charge. May God strengthen them.
For my hometown’s local people, ask God to open their hearts to receive Him and confess him as their God. Let them feel God’s grace and love!
Sincere thank you…
Thank you so much that you always support us in practical ways. Words cannot express our gratitude. We have nothing to repay you, only to do more of God’s work to repay your care and support! I would ask God to bless you!

In Him

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