By His grace, God has granted Deo Victoria some wonderful opportunities to become globally involved in missions. We have very strong partners all over South Africa, that are known as true pioneers in global missions. We believe in partnering with Churches, Business and individuals for global missions. This has produced very strong ministries in places like India, China, Kalmykia and the African Continent.

Currently we support the following projects: Good Tidings India, Gateway to China, Gateway to Kalmykia, Hands on Africa, Evangelical Rural Missions and 4 Front Ministries.

We also support full time missionaries in South Africa, Mozambique, India, China, Russia, Israel, Ukraine, France and the USA. Below is an interactive map of the places in the world where our missionaries are based.

Click on a highlighted country for more information on that country as well as to read updates and newsletters sent by missionaries based there.


Should you wish to donate to Deo Missions, please download and complete this form: Deo Missions Debit Order.

Completed forms can be emailed to