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Ons verneem dat die Sjinese President Xi Jinping onlangs 4 beperkende maatreëls vir die Ondergrondse Huiskerk Christene ingestel het. Alle Ondergrondse Huiskerke moet by bogrondse   3-Self-Patriotiese kerkbeweging laat registreer. Indien hulle nie wil nie, moet hulle as kerk registreer en ‘n lys van aktiwiteite en ‘n naamlys van gemeentelede aan die Regering verskaf. Indien hulle nie wil registreer nie sal die gemeente na 3 waarskuwings toegemaak word. Enige Ondergrondse Huiskerk wat buitelandse bande het, sal toegemaak word. Tog weet ons die Here sal op Sy eie wonderlike wyse die toekoms vir ons oopmaak en aan ons Sy werkswyse openbaar.

We’re asking for you continuous prayer for China. “There is still many changes in our country, sometimes freer, sometimes tighter in the environment. Many churches have closed in Shanghai, Hangzhou in March and April. Some pastors undergone investigation, church possessions has been confiscated. In May, the church in Henan where I came from had also been stopped by the police. The leaders have been investigated, the meeting place was shut down. But nothing can stop the love of the church for God”

PRAYER REQUESTS: Pray with us for the workers and their family’s health, serving the Lord, also their children’s studies; pray for their government to do God’s will, that their president may know the Lord; pray for the unity of the minorities, may they love Jesus more and do mission work with Han people; pray for the churches in China, to continue to carry the cross to follow Jesus, unity in mission work, pray for the countries that has been adopted, for effective prayer walks in those countries; pray for their overseas workers, the training and the connection with the churches.

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