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We are so thankful God for each day in Kalmykia!!!
We are still young family and we give all glory to God for sending us to the mission field, to such beautiful and God’s lovely land – Kalmykia, where we can minister to people with our gifts and talents!
We would love to share about what happening for the last 2 months.

Our office “Gate way to Kalmykia” is always open for our brothers and sisters in Christ. Our friends often come to us for fellowship, prayers and counseling. And we thank God that He trust us his people and we can see the real work of God in their lives and in their difficult life situations.
In September and October we met 2 people on the streets: one Russian woman Tamara from TB hospital and a homeless man German from another city. We shared Gospel to them and now we help them as we can. We sent German to rehabilitation centre where he repented, but we keep contact with him and continue encourage him do not give up, but put all his trust on to God. This time is very difficult for him and he wants to go back to the street and the same time he wants to understand the word of God. Tamara is in TB hospital for the long time and we help her with some medicine and we pray that one day she can come to us for the bible studies. Please, dear friends, support us in our prayers for these 2 newborn Christians who have lots of spiritual inner problems and unhealings.

We also praise God that He united us with one local family who became our very good friends. He is a missionary from Vladivostok city and his wife is Kalmyk. They are very dedicated to God and hot Christians. God united us also in prayers for Kalmykia. Every week we pray in our office, seeking God’s will and pray for the needs of Kalmyk nation. Last week and this week one team from Rostov na Donu city (“Youth with Mission”), who came to pastor Volodya church for mission outreach joined our prayers too.

We started bible study group in the office on the base of Volodya’s church. Every week Kalmyk and Russian Christians come to study Firm Foundations: Creation to Christ. Some other people from the church want to join this group as well. Each lesson is unique and we have a wonderful time to worship God, meditate on His word together and pray. We also do homework learning bible verses.

Our team from Samara Bible Centre was greatly blessed with this trip to South Africa for one month. The purpose of this trip was to visit some churches that support our ministry in Russia and to share our testimonies of what God is doing in Russia and also in Kalmyk republic (Buddhist nation in Russia).
We had the wonderful time with our friends sharing our testimonies and visions. It was great to meet our good friends who we did not see for a long time. And of course we had amazing journeys in many interesting and beautiful places. We were blessed very much by our friends from SA who organized for us this time in SA. We greatly thank God that He united our countries and churches for the sake of one purpose to make God known in Russia and among Kalmyk people and mobilize Russian churches for mission work.

Malii Derbeti
In November Yuri went with pastor Sanal to Malii Derbeti with the library. This is the ministry of pst. Sanal. He goes to different towns of Kalmykia and to Liman (Astrahan region) with Christian books and Bibles to give them for free to those who become interested in them. Some people came to them and were interesting in some books. Yuri had an opportunity to speak to them about God.
Then they visited one Christian believer Svetlana in one family. They did Bible studies with her and prayer. And then they visited some other people in different villages with who pst.Sanal had met before when he did library in Malii Derbeti. He is in process of building friendship with them now.
Lagan – Liman – Mihailovka – Korovanovo – Promislovka villages
In December we went to Lagan to pst.Sanal. Our purpose is to help him in his ministry and also to see the new opportunities to find men of peace. While Sanal and Nikolai were with library by the main square of Liman, Yuri and I went to the streets with Christian calendars and newspapers and prayers.
We were very surprise how people were opened. They gladly received our little gifts and blessings which we spoke over their lives. Some people blessed us back and said that it is good what we do. We met some people with who we spoke for a long time about their life problems and God.
One of them was a woman Ludmila. She was so open to us that we spoke for about one hour. She shared about her health problems, she has cancer. But she is so positive about her life that she continues working. When we spoke about importance to forgive other people she started to cry and then she told us her testimony how she made a decision to forgive her enemies. We spoke about her faith in God and we could encourage her with the word of God and told her good news and prayed for her. We gave her Christians literature and before we left we hug each other as closest friends. We believed God had his divine appointment with her and we pray that next time when we come to Liman we can meet her on her work place again and continue to build the relationships with her. That morning we blessed with the word of blessings about 100 people and gave them calendars and newspapers. After Liman we visited with pst. Sanal 3 families in different villages. He visits them each 2d week and does bible studies. In on family one young mother said that she wanted to receive Jesus and repented in her sins.
We were so happy to see Gods movement in people’s hearts and we gave him all glory.
Now we discussed with pst .Sanal that we would go with him to Liman 2 times a month and do a prayer walk and build the relationships with people on the streets and also visit these families again.

Prayer needs:
For Yuri to pass the exams of driving a car (he is studying in the driving school)
To meet a man of peace in Liman to start a ministry there
For spiritual protection of our family
For preparation of S.Afr. and the USA teams to come to Kalmykia in 2015

P.S We greatly appreciate all your prayers and financial support of our family! May God bless you richly in New Year!

Yuri and Svetlana Volkovi

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