Yuri & Svetlana Volkovi : News from Kalmykia

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Here’s a short extract from Yuri & Svetlana’s newsletter covering their work from March – May:

During Stian’s visit we had an wonderful time meeting people from different churches, praying for them, counseling them, visiting people at homes and small groups. The most important thing happened – we had 2 meetings with pastors and leaders of churches of Elista. Stian shared a word of encouragement with us in our interchurch Friday prayer meeting. Together with Stian, Bruce and all our friends from 4 churches we went for night prayer meeting to strategic city places.
The last Friday pray meeting united church leaders and pastors of 5 churches. We praise the Lord for these because one of our purposes here in Kalmykia is to unite all pastors and church leaders for unite prayer and ministry in Kalmykia.

For the full newletter please read here: Newsletter March – May

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